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IIUM.fm is the student radio station for the International Islamic University Malaysia, broadcasting 24 hours a day during term time across the University’s three campuses and worldwide via the internet.

The station is run by students for students, with direct supervision from the lecturers in the department of Communication, IRKHS. IIUM.fm’s presence is felt inside and outside of the studio.

In studio activities include around the clock positive and meaningful music, religious sermons and talks, and interviews with prominent personalities. Outside the studio, IIUM.fm heavily covers University and Student Union events while also reporting on major news events.

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On 28th Sept 2016, IIUM.FM has been visited by Sheikh Salman Al-Oda,the member of international union for Muslim scholars. We feel so honored to have the very special guest in our studio. IIUM.FM make live interview with Sheikh Slaman Al-Oda from 1 pm until 1.50... read more


IIUM.FM group binding is back! On 24th Spet 2016, IIUM.FM decided to placed their group binding at Female Sport Complex. Same as before, the aim of this group binding is to strengthen the ukhwah between the crews. The theme for group binding 2.0 is Warrior as to... read more

Visit to Pediatric Ward, HUKM

We are little warriors bringing happiness to share! 14 of IIUM.fm’s crew members went to the Pediatric Ward at HUKM on 16th October 2015 for volunteering, cheering the kids and helping them in having a great day. The kids as well as our crews enjoyed the... read more